Captain’s Report

Hello everyone hope all is well out there. I would like to start off this report with a very big thank you to Zodiac Pete, Farmer, Rijnhard, Andy, Kevin Williams, John McPhan, Max, Sandra, Oded, the Svanen crew and all those volunteers who helped us this year at Woolongong Slipway the ship really looks great with that new coat of paint and all things overhauled. The trip down to Woolongong was a very rainy trip with our crew of 8 and a rather rough 2-metre swell. A lucky break in the swell allowed us to get up on the cradle that night around 1800 on the 28/5/02 a little damage was done to the channels but apart from that all went very well and the crew were drinking hot chocolate at 2300 after pulling all the cradle arms in and fitting the acrow props under the ship. The following 14 days were very kind to us as we had no rain for the duration of our time on the slip very warm days so the paint went on in perfect weather conditions every sailing ships dream. We managed to fit a new bow net that you can not fall threw it looks great and certainly makes furling sail easier for the crew. The day we decided to go back in the water the wind decided to blow 30 knots from the SW so we waited to see if the wind would ease after deciding to leave it another day there was a lull in the wind at about 2100 and we all decided to launch Svanen back in the water ,all went well once again many thanks to the Svanen crew and our old 1st mate Gavin all of whom made it possible to get back in the water without damage to any of the paint work We ran up all the engines checked for leaks primed all the pumps and then proceeded to Port Kembla to anchor for the night and let things settle in by this time it was 2400hrs we were all exhausted .The following morning after a good nights sleep and a great breakfast saw us up again and straight into the wharf to pick up those volunteers who were joining the ship for the cruise back to Sydney the wind by this time had abaited to 20 knots great for sailing home , after crew training and safety drills the wind eased to 15 knots still good for the trip home by the time we weighed anchor and motored out the harbour the wind decided to completely settle to 5knots as we were off Woolongong the wind was gone and the sea was dead calm although we were a little upset about the wind deciding to go we had a great trip motoring home laying in our new bow net and spotting a large pack of seals sun backing in the water 5nm off Cronulla. We then anchored at Quarantine beach for the night where we had a great BBQ and a couple of wines to end our days run from the slipway .The next day the wind came in from the NE so we weighed anchor and set sail for Svanens home Campbells cove. After a weeks well earned rest the crew were once again busy painting and taking advantage of this good weather recaulking decks and sealing up all those leaks, varnishing and finishing off all those little jobs that never seem to end around a square rigged sailing ship.We have brought down the course yard this is the last of the yards to be overhauled after striping and varnishing the yard it is now back up in place and the ship looks great well done crew and volunteers. Last week Yarrow organized the crew and friends at paintball where we all shot the living daylights out of each other it was a great stress reliever and a good day although the crew were very sore and sorry for the next couple of days. I think that we are all hooked on paintball We farewell Gavin our first mate for the last 9 weeks who is going to complete his master four at Tassy marine college we wish him well in his studies and will miss him around the ship thanks Gavin for all your hard work in helping us maintain this beautiful ship. We also said farwell to Celia early May as she headed of to the Whitsunday’s Our new crewmembers are Mathew Palmer and Boyce Nolan who joined us just before the slipway. The program for the rest of the year is on the web site so have a look at it and come sailing with us on a weekend trip or a day sail. Rumour has it that we are of to Melbourne next year for some adventures so stay tuned and we will let you know as soon as we get confirmation. O.K. That’s all for now sailing friends see you just before Christmas.

Ships Master.

Stephen Grono.24/7/02.

Knock Down Rebuild Designers For New Projects

Knock Down Rebuild Designers

You can use knock down rebuild designers to help you get the next building project off the ground. You have land and an old building that needs to be taken care of, and you will be able to get it knocked down and rebuilt fast. You are going to be able to change the face of the property you own, and you are going to enjoy the redesign a lot once it is done. The property can take on any characteristics you want, and it can become anything you want.

The property is going to be totally leveled so that you can get the knock down rebuild designers from into the area. The knock down rebuild designers are going to help you get the work done, and the knock down rebuild designers will give you a plan for the project. You can follow their plan, and you will be able to check the knock down rebuild designers and their plan at any time. You can change it into a commercial or residential property, and the knock down rebuild designers will make sure that they get the permits for the work.

You can trust your knock down rebuild designers to get the job done fast, and you are going to have something completely different to work with after the job is done. You are going to count on the knock down rebuild designers to help you make your property investment a good one, and they are going to work fast so you get what you want.


When people think of mannequins, they may think of the old movie from back in the days when a guy fell in love with a mannequin and ran off into the sunset with her. The fact is, clothing stores still use mannequins as often as possible, especially since they are a great way to model clothing and can be changed at any time. Many of these models are made a certain size, which means that certain types of clothing can fit on that particular model unless they get one that’s bigger in size. Since there are many plus sized persons these days, bigger plastic models have been made to accommodate bigger sized clothing.

Many would pick clothing off the rack to try it on for themselves to see how it looks, but the person may have quickly purchased the item if they saw it on a mannequin instead because they would have better knowledge of how the clothing would look and feel. Those who want their store to make bigger profits will want to get mannequins, whether they have a head or not, to model clothing, especially when they choose to change up the clothing in the store. There may be summer clothes and winter clothes in the store, and these all can be modeled by the plastic model for a customer’s benefit.

Stores that don’t have these mannequins – Metro Display will need to get some, especially if their primary sales are clothes, which means they are hurting their own business by not having the clothing modeled within the store. Having clothing on a shelf or on a rack is not enough for a person to decide that they want to purchase the clothes, and they may not always have the time to try them on, so seeing mannequins wearing the clothes can really help the customer when they’re ready to buy clothes. Help your business by getting these models for your clothing.

Why More Companies are Choosing Marketing Services Brisbane Professionals

Why More Companies are Choosing Marketing Services Brisbane Professionals

Marketing a business is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner. The problem is that a lot of people don’t know the first thing about advertising and marketing to a large group of public people. This is where a marketing services Brisbane professional can come in handy. The marketing services Brisbane professional is the one who will get to work diligently on marketing your company. It doesn’t really matter if your business is large or small, they can do it all for you and then some.

When you make the choice to hire a local Juice Marketing- marketing services Brisbane professional, you are doing something that will greatly benefit your company in all aspects. You want to make sure that you let the marketing services Brisbane expert know exactly what you are looking for when it comes to your business of choice. They will then market to a specific demographic of people so that the right audience is utilizing the marketing techniques being used. You will love the fact that you have a professional who is there for you and can offer their expert advice on how to properly run a business.

If you are not currently making use of professional marketing services Brisbane techniques, you need to seriously consider the benefits of doing just this. The professionalism of a marketing expert is there to assist you in all areas, so they are a professional with whom to work on the growth of your company. There are tons of things you can do as a business owner to improve the workings of your business, but it is vital that you look into marketing and having an expert do this type of work for you so that you know it is being done in the correct manner.